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“We needed a quick business loan to cover an unexpected bill – Lendus delivered our payout within 2 hours of being approved” – Steven, Specialist Car Garage

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At Lendus we have made our process as simple as possible, where we do all the hard work to find you the best lending option.

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Apply via the website or talk to our team, giving as much detail as you can to allow our team to find you the best offer.

Step 2

Our team will search the whole market for the best lending option for your business and then present you with the options.

Step 3

Once you have accepted your offer, fund will be released and deposited into your account within a day or two.

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We work with a wide range of client circumstances

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Any Reason

We work with a wide range of client circumstances

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Why Compare Business Loan Options?

Finding the right business loan is key to your success. With so many choices in the UK, comparing loans is a must. Here’s why:

1. Find the Right Fit: Every business is different. Compare to find a loan that suits your unique needs, whether big or small.

2. Choose the Right Type: Decide between secured (with collateral) and unsecured loans. Comparing helps you understand the risks and benefits.

3. Save Money: Different loans have different costs. By comparing, you find the most affordable option for your business.

4. Get Expert Advice: Use expert reviews and comparisons to see the pros and cons of each loan.

5. Easy and Fast: Look for lenders who offer quick online applications. This saves you time and hassle.

6. Special Loans for Special Needs: Some loans are made for specific business needs. Comparing helps you find these unique options.

At, we make it easy for you. With over 500 lenders, we help you compare and choose the best business loan. We’re here to find you a loan that not only meets your needs now but also supports your future goals.

Compare business loan options with today – the smart choice for your business.

Our Happy Clients!

Thanks to a £20,000 loan facilitated by, we could increase our inventory and diversify our product range. Their team’s understanding of the retail sector and efficient service was exceptional.


Martin Smith

Harper's Art Supplies​

Our landscaping business required £18,500 for new equipment. made the process seamless. Their understanding of small business needs is impressive. Thanks to them, our operations are now more efficient than ever.


Jacob Luke

Green Gardens Landscaping​

When we needed £60,000 to scale up our event management business, was there for us. Their team’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry helped us find the perfect financial solution


Shelly Barns

Fusion Events
Supporting Subheading

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