How Do I Get A Pub Mortgage?

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How do I get a mortgage on a Pub?

If you have found a pub you’d like to buy or are researching the possibility of purchasing a pub, you need to be aware of if and how you can finance your new venture.

Despite what many lenders and brokers may have told you, finding a commercial mortgage on a pub isn’t too hard.  We would suggest that before putting an offer in to buy a premises, or  apply for a mortgage, you have the following information to hand:

  • Previous 3 years accounts – this helps you, us and lenders judge if the pub has the capability to pay for any finance you take out.
  • 12 month projection – this helps you and us understand how you see your cash-flow developing within your new business
  • CV’s of all invested partners or directors
  • You ID – we need this to comply with money laundering regulations

Once you have these pieces of information, we can start building your application.  Alternatively give us a call, email or chat to us on live chat to discuss.


What interests rate are there on Pub Mortgages?

Typical interest rates on pub mortgages can range from 1.95% – 11.9% depending on equity, previous credit history, and many more factors.  What you can be certain of is that here at Lendus we always strive for the best deal for our customers.


How much deposit do I need to get a pub mortgage?

For the very best interested rates on a pub mortgage, you will need at least a 35% deposit.  However, in some circumstances and if you have equity in other assets we can increase this to up to 100%.  This is always on a case by case basis and is best you contact us to discuss your requirements and plans in greater depth.


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