Business Finance With Bad Credit: Is It Possible?

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As a business with bad credit, finding finance can be disheartening. A mistake or rough patch years ago can haunt even the most rapidly growing businesses, especially when seeking finance.

The difficulty is compounded by traditional lenders’ current attitude towards lending to businesses. Once upon a time, you could sit down with your friendly local RBS bank manager to discuss your business loan, and they could make a personal decision about your case. But times have changed, and now the traditional lenders are risk adverse and strive only to check boxes, not to help esteemed businesses.

Bad Credit Business Finance Is Possible And Exciting With Alternative Business Lenders

You would be mistaken to think that the banks’ attitude reflects that of the entire industry. Bad credit isn’t the end of the road for a business requiring finance – far from it. You, like many others, might be surprised to know that we can provide £2,000 to £5,000,000 within 24 hours, even if you have a history of bad credit.

We Can Help Businesses With Bad Credit Obtain The Following Finance Solutions:

  • Business loans – For any reason from cash flow, an emergency bill or to buy more stock
  • Merchant cash advances – A great finance solution to anyone with a PDQ machine
  • Commercial mortgages – For those looking to purchase their own business premises
  • Asset finance – Purchase any equipment you require to run or expand your business
  • Invoice finance – Get paid within 48 hours for every invoice you issue
  • Re-financing – Already have assets?  We can re-finance these releasing the cash tied up in them
  • Development finance – Finance to start or complete a building project

How We Make Business Finance Accessible With Bad Credit

It might seem mysterious, but it’s far from it. We have many individual lenders on our books with many different specialities. Some only lend to startups with bad credit, some only lend to agricultural businesses and some are much more general.

We are an independent party on your side. We painstakingly put together a compelling case for lending to your business and present it to lenders on your behalf. By obtaining finance quotes from more than one lender at a time, we can usually present you with multiple quotes and find you a fantastic rate on your finance over as long as 5 years. In addition, often this can be achieved without any security or directors’ guarantees!

Ordinarily, applying for finance from a multitude of lenders would adversely affect your credit rating even further, so it’s important you go through a party such as Lendus. By doing that, you get all of the advantages but none of the disadvantages.

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