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“I saw the perfect office space for sale but thought I could never afford it. Just weeks after tentatively enquiring with Lendus we are now moving in”” – Alex, London Design Studio

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At Lendus we have made our process as simple as possible, where we do all the hard work to find you the best lending option.

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Apply via the website or talk to our team, giving as much detail as you can to allow our team to find you the best offer.

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Our team will search the whole market for the best lending option for your business and then present you with the options.

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Once you have accepted your offer, fund will be released and deposited into your account within a day or two.

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We work with a wide range of client circumstances

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Why Compare Commercial Mortgage Options?

Choosing the right commercial mortgage is crucial for your business’s success. At, we guide you in comparing options to find the best fit. Here’s why this comparison is essential:

1. Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs: Every business is unique, and so are its real estate needs. Whether you’re buying an office space or expanding a retail outlet, comparing mortgage options ensures you find a loan that aligns with your business goals.

2. Cost-Effective Financial Terms: Mortgages come with varying interest rates and terms. Comparing helps you find the most economical option, saving your business money in the long run.

3. Balancing Risks and Benefits: Different mortgages offer different levels of risk and flexibility. By comparing, you can choose an option that balances these factors according to your business strategy and risk tolerance.

4. Flexibility for Future Growth: Your business needs might change. A flexible mortgage can adapt to these changes. Comparing options helps you find a mortgage that offers this adaptability.

5. Access to a Wide Lender Network: Our network at includes over 500 lenders. Comparing options across this network increases your chances of finding the ideal mortgage for your commercial property.

6. Expert Guidance and Insights: Our experts at provide insights into market trends and lender reputations, helping you make an informed decision.

In summary, comparing commercial mortgage options with means more than just finding a loan – it’s about building a strong foundation for your business’s future. With our extensive network, expert guidance, and a focus on tailored solutions, we empower you to make the best financial decision for your business. Start comparing today and take the first step towards your business’s success.

Our Happy Clients! helped us with a £750,000 mortgage for new industrial units. Their team’s in-depth market knowledge and quick responses were critical in our decision-making process. Truly a class apart!


Martin Smith

Grove Industrial Units

We secured a £2 million mortgage for our new boutique hotel in London.’s expertise in commercial property was invaluable. They found us an amazing deal that matched our vision and budget.


Jacob Luke

Willow Hotel Group

Acquiring a £4 million mortgage for our luxury apartment project was seamless with Their tailored approach and extensive lender network were crucial in finding the right deal for us.


Shelly Barns

Harbour View Apartments

Compare Commercial Mortgages