Who Are Lendus?

Who Are We?

For years, we have been supplying businesses of all sizes and health loans at increasingly competitive rates. Having been in the business for many years, we have built strong relationships with key contacts in the industry.

The people behind Lendus understand business loans inside out, and a lot of us have real business experience. That means that many members of our team can relate to your current situation and why you feel a loan is necessary.

What We Do

Fundamentally, we exist to help business out by giving them a quick capital boost. It’s down to the business to decide if a loan is necessary, and what it is best spent on.

Since formation we have followed the philosophy of no one knowing what a business needs more than its owner. We aren’t here to tell you if a loan is or isn’t right for you, we are here to your business a quick and affordable business finance arrangement with minimal hassle.

Lendus Ethics

We exist to help businesses find the right finance for their business, no matter the reason or circumstances.  We never sell on your details to 3rd parties, and if we need to pass your details on, we will always ask permission first.  If we need to refer you to a “payday loan” type business lender, we will always discuss this with you so you understand what your business is getting into.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our loans or us as a company, please simply get in touch by one of the following options:

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